Hello, my name is Iris
I am a thriving creative. I live by Design.

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I'm Iris Buenconsejo. That's Iris, 4 letters. No H. Starbucks barely gets it right.

I'm a purveyor of life & learning.

Philippines is my home, a beautiful archipelago right in the Pacific. I love photographing moments, drawing everyday things & I enjoy divine bounty like mangoes, tea, ice cream, simple chocolates & sunflower seeds. I have been drawing since I was five. At the age of 13, I taught myself HTML and learned how to make custom items for the famous game, The Sims (which later inspired my choice of college course - BS Interior Design). By age 14, I have delved into the realms of photomanipulation which has gotten me exposure on DeviantArt.com. I owned my first website when I was 17, of which the design and coding was all mine. Most of my knowledge are only self-taught by reading tutorials from books & the internet. I speak fluent English & Tagalog and I'm novice in German. I play the guitar on my spare time, and make up songs as I go. I sing quite often, and that dream acoustic band is still at the back of my brain.

  • 13 Years Experience in Adobe Photoshop & 5 Years in Adobe Illustrator
  • Founder of Tavolozza, Amplified27, Pass On The Dream, Anna Sun
  • Co-Founder of The Cafileri
  • Young mama to Avis Julia & writing adventures at Earth Love Skin
  • Travel curator & guide at Go See Philippines
  • Highly passionate on research, concepts & ideas, psychological & humanized marketing, customer-brand relations & social media reach
  • Believes in the power of kindness & paying it forward
  • Advocate of free & streamlined education and mental health
  • Great ice cream buddy


Just a couple of things I do best

Graphic & Web Design

Making magic happen with Photoshop & coding. Need a logo, website or brochure? I can help you!

Interior Design

Spaces tailored to your budget & requirement are my top priority - be it residential or commercial. Let's spruce up that condo you got or that cafe you've been wanting to build!


Portrait, landscape, events, newborn... you name it.

Branding & Marketing

Understanding your brand & your audience is crucial. I specialize in creative human marketing to get you to the level where your audience can relate to you.


Need something found? Extensive research is my thing. You could say I've always wanted to be a private investigator like Jessica Jones.


PR copy? Blog article? Product description? You only have one shot to make a lasting impression. So why not dazzle your audience? I make words come alive based on the purpose of readership (and I throw in a good SEO too). My favorite topics are personal development, creative design, entrepreneurship and human behavior/psychology. But I'm down for technical things as well. It's next of kin to Research in my arsenal of skills.


Bringing out the best in people is one of my greatest assets. I love enabling others and helping them realize their potential and strengths over their weaknesses. When I'm not working, I run my own personal development blog coupled with a support group for goal setting & accountability.

Book me for a one-on-one session or on your next speaking event and let's make awesome happen!

Idea & Solutions

I like brainstorming and crafting solutions to any problem I encounter. As such, I actively participate in non-profit organizations and events that challenge me to provide solutions and allow me to collaborate with some of the best people in different industries. On the side, I do consultations for most small business owners.


Accumulated over the years, I've been hired by several fashion, real estate, online retail, skincare
and travel agency companies seeking an expert to carry out their ideas.

"Keep pushing on. Keep doing what you do.
Love it, sleep with it and succeed with it."

Brands I've worked with

Be one of them

Aparna Sachathamakul

"Thanks Iris. Your work has changed my business. You were 100% on target. Amazing."

PriceCo & Nursery Design

Albert Stimer

"Iris is absolutely awesome. Very competent and creative and did the job exactly as I requested. I look forward to have her as part of my preferred group of contractors for a long time."

Towns Realty

Patrick Griffin

"This is the second time I've hired Iris and again I'm very happy with the work. She perfectly understood what I was looking for and delivered it within the deadline."


Julio Yanes

"Great designer!! I will love to work with her again!! A+ PRODUCT"

Espacios Ltd